ePRO-driven Community Referral Identification and Support Program

This collaborative project between the Radiation Oncology department at Northern Sydney Cancer Centre and the community support organisation Canteen developed and successfully implemented an ePRO-driven process to identify and offer referral to Canteen’s services (psychosocial support for families) and the Quitline service (smoking cessation). Electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) enabled systematic and sustainable screening, while a new clinical role, the Patient Care Radiation Therapist (PCRT), provided a human support element.

Thilo Schuler MD
Thilo Schuler MD
Radiation Oncology Doctor

My research revolves around Digital Health with a focus on patient-generated data and routine care translation. In particular I am interested in digitally-enhanced approaches in GU and palliative Radiation Oncology and more broadly in improving interdisciplinary support of cancer patients.