Patient-centred Palliative RT via Simulation Avoidance and ePROs

This project aimed to establish routinely-collected electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) as a component of patient-centred palliative radiotherapy (RT). Other patient-centred innovations are a novel, streamlined approach that uses image-guidance to omit a dedicated planning/simulation CT scan if certain pre-conditions are met and the use of intensity-modulated techniques if the prescribing radiation oncologist feels this is of benefit.

Implementation and clinical outcomes of this patient-centred palliative RT approach is described in the main publication.

The letter-to-the-editor in the Green Journal highlights our routine care ePRO experience including our approach to overcome undisputable challenges when using ePROs in unwell palliative RT patients. It also points out severral opportunties of this technology that, in our mind, make routine introduction of ePROs as part of palliative RT a highly worthwhile investment.

A letter-to-the-editor in the Red Journal updated our results after more than 500 patients treated on this pathway. It also describes simulation avoidance as a viable, and arguably in certain situations preferred alternative to the ‘Rapid Access Clinic’ paradigm originally developed in Canada.

Thilo Schuler MD
Thilo Schuler MD
Radiation Oncology Doctor

My research revolves around Digital Health with a focus on patient-generated data and routine care translation. In particular I am interested in digitally-enhanced approaches in GU and palliative Radiation Oncology and more broadly in improving interdisciplinary support of cancer patients.